Often, companies indulge in high-risk transactions. The investors, stakeholders of the organization scrutinize these high-risk transactions. A fairness opinion comes in as a viable option helping the board, or the special committee of the board, determine the fairness of a proposed deal to the stakeholders of the company.

What is a Fairness Opinion Report?

A fairness opinion report evaluates the relevant facts of an acquisition, merger, and spin-off; carve out, buyback, or any other type of purchase. Fundamentally, it offers an opinion and lets the stakeholders and investors determine whether a particular transaction, purchase or sale is fair to the company.

Fairness opinions are examined and framed by a team of qualified analysts, and advisors. These opinions are given to the decision-makers of the organization. Framing a fairness opinion involves a lot of essential steps, including examining the specific aspects of a deal/ transaction, looking at any possible collaboration benefitting the company, the terms and conditions of the agreement, and many others.

The objective of a fairness opinion is to mitigate the risk associated with the merger, acquisition, or any other high-risk transaction. Stakeholders don’t take part in the routine operations or decision-making process of the organization. However, when companies make a break-through decision, it is necessary to facilitate stakeholders with a fairness opinion report that will keep them informed and assure them of the sustainability of the decision.

Valuation India Fairness Opinions for Existing Valuation Services

We are a team of highly qualified professionals offering comprehensive fairness opinion reports for a valuation done by a valuer. Our reports are compliant, as we follow the regulatory practices of SEBI and M&A. So, if you are a company eyeing a critical and impacting transaction, approach us to frame the fairness opinion report of your transaction.