Intangible assets are critical to the growth and the overall value of a particular business. It is, of course, difficult to determine the value of intangible assets. However, despite the challenges, it is an essential element of every business.

On the other hand, bankers, analysts, investors, and stakeholders too, are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of the valuation of intangible assets. A lot of bankers and financial institutions now agree to fund and securitize against reputed brands, and strong intangibles offered as collateral security.

But, that’s not it. There’s a financial dimension to it, and which creates the need for a stricter and an ongoing intangible asset management process.

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Here are some reasons why you must value intangible assets.

At Valuation India, we’ve got years of experience and expertise in intangible asset valuations. Our technical expertise in the area enables us to facilitate compliant services at all times. Similarly, our experience in the business puts us in a better position to serve multiple business domains.

We cover the following intangible assets.