Business Valuations

Business valuation constitutes an essential element, regardless of whether you are a startup or a global enterprise...

Intangible Assets Valuations

Intangible assets are critical to the growth and the overall value of a particular business...

Valuations For Mergers, Demergers

Merger valuations are required to calculate the share swap (exchange) ratio when two companies...

Valuation Under Sweat Equity/ ESOP

ESOP and sweat equity are one of the most popular methods of attracting and motivating employees to work wholeheartedly...

Valuations Under SEBI

We offer the best SEBI/ stock exchange valuations through different approaches...

Valuations As IBBI

Corporate Insolvency refers to a situation wherein a company isn’t able to meet it’s outstanding operational, financial...

Startup Valuations

Valuation India – One Of The Best Firms In India For The Valuation Of Startup...

Fairness Opinions For Existing Valuations

Often, companies indulge in high-risk transactions. The investors, stakeholders of the organization scrutinize these high-risk transactions.

Valuation Under Income Tax

We, at Valuation India, are the best values for income tax, capital gains tax, etc...

Valuation Under Discounted Cash Flow

Discounted cash flow is the most prominent and scientific income approaches...

Valuations Under Ind-AS/IFRS

Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) are standards that closely converge with IFRS, and which is why a lot of companies across India are moving to Ind-AS.

Valuations Under Convertible Instruments

Convertible instruments are required when a company possesses complex instruments such as OCPS, CCPS, etc...

Valuations For Disputes Settlements

At Valuation India, we understand how difficult it is to carry out valuations for dispute settlements.

Financial Forecasting and Modeling Services

Finance is no longer merely a task or a function. Amidst the highly dynamic business landscape, it has graduated to become a strategy that...

Foreign Direct Investment

RBI valuation for FDI is required when issue or transfer of Equity Shares or Compulsory convertible instruments (CCDs/ CCPS, etc.)

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