Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) are standards that closely converge with IFRS, and which is why a lot of companies across India are moving to Ind-AS. Ind AS is looked at something that will enhance transparency, accuracy, comparability, and increase the global acceptance of various financial reports.

Ind AS is applicable since April 1, 2016, for all the listed and unlisted companies with a net worth equal to, or exceeding 500 crore INR. However, since April 1, 2017, it has turned applicable for all the unlisted and listed companies of net worth equal to, or exceeding 250 crore INR.

Valuation India Ind AS Valuation Practice

At Valuation India, we nurture a team of Ind AS valuation consultants. We help companies determine the value for their stakeholders, after the validation of the company’s financials, comparable companies and the application of DCF, and many other intricate methods. The reports we offer well-defined and reasoned, and can be used for commercial purposes. We also provide valuation certificates that can be used for regulatory compliance.

We employ a team of qualified professionals who take care of SEBI/ Stock Exchange transactions. Our professionals offer services as Ind AS Valuation Advisors in India for the following.