Reasons Why Valuation India is the Leading Valuation Service Provider in India

Valuation forms an essential aspect for every organization, no matter whether it is a startup or a multinational enterprise. But for something as critical and intricate, you need a reliable valuation service provider. Valuation India steps in as a trustworthy partner in this regard. The company provides valuation services in India to startups, SMEs and

How to Value a Business Based on Revenue

How to Value a Business Based on Revenue? Enterprise Value/ Revenue is one of the many ways of business evaluation. It is a pretty straightforward technique of evaluation. However, while using it, one must be careful, as the method can potentially result in hyped figures that may overvalue a business. Besides, revenue multiples do not

Benefits of Startup Valuation

Startup valuation is a comprehensive assessment of your business. It aims to help you evaluate the health of your business, financial condition, competitive position and provide insights into a range of other critical factors. In other and somewhat simpler words, it enables you to know more about your company and helps you become a more

5 Benefits to Startups Under the Income Tax Act

The thousands of startups that have been registered under India’s Startup Movement have made startups an integral and vital part of the country’s economy. A lot of these startups have been tremendously successful. As a result, the government continues to encourage startups through several schemes and waivers that help them survive and succeed. One of