Finance is no longer merely a task or a function. Amidst the highly dynamic business landscape, it has graduated to become a strategy that demands experts to handle its complexities. Financial management is a broad area covering multiple areas. Financial forecasting and modeling are two significant ones that require expert advice, recommendations, and assistance to help companies maintain sound financial health.

If you’ve been looking for financial forecasting and modeling services, Valuation India is here to help. We are a team of seasoned financial specialists with proven financial forecasting and modeling expertise. Our unique approach involves analyzing data and leveraging our intellect and analytical technologies. With that, we help companies make informed forecasts and model their finances to get a comprehensive view of the real-world financial situation.

Please take a look at our financial forecasting and modeling services.

Financial Forecasting and Modeling

Financial Forecasting

Our financial forecasting services involve a highly organized and technology-based approach. We assess a company’s financial data, internal and external environment, goals and objectives, existing financial situation, etc., to make informed projections that help them manage their finances. We also predict potential uncertainties to help companies stay prepared and sail through them safely.

Financial Modeling

We create financial models that help evaluate new opportunities, analyze various crucial business aspects, raise funds or capital for business, assess investments, etc. Our various financial modeling services include the following.

  • Cash Flow Analysis: We create a three-statement model that combines your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement into a single financial model. Our extensive experience in financial modeling enables quick and accurate triple-statement analysis and modeling.
  • Market Research: Our experts continuously research your target market and provide insights that help determine the impact of a particular market movement, update, change, etc., on your business.
  • M&A Modeling: Mergers and acquisitions are significant moves for every business. But evaluating how a merger or acquisition can affect your business and financial standing is crucial from the business viewpoint. Our experts assess the impact of a particular merger or acquisition and provide a detailed report that helps make informed decisions.
  • Capital Formation: Our financial modeling services also involve assisting you with capital formation strategies and identifying the most prudent ways to build finance for business operations, growth, and sustenance.
  • Feasibility Analysis: You are eyeing a lucrative opportunity for your business. But how would you know if tapping into it is financially feasible? The answer is our feasibility analysis. We assess opportunities while evaluating your financial standing against them to determine if an opportunity is economically viable.
  • Credit Rating Modeling: Credit rating is an essential factor driving your financial credibility. Accordingly, we develop credit rating models that leverage historical data for precise analysis. Our expertise also involves creating advanced and robust credit rating models for better decision-making.
  • DCF Modeling: Our discounted cash flow modeling services help you get an accurate value of your investments based on future cash flows.

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