Business Valuation

Why Business Valuation Important?


Factors Influencing Business Valuation


Several factors impact the valuation of a business in India. These include:

Trends & Challenges


Emerging Trends

The field of business valuation in India is witnessing some exciting trends such as


Business valuation in India comes with its fair share of challenges. These include

Business Valuation Approaches


Income Approach

The Income Approach provides an indication of value by converting future cash flow to single current value.

Under the Income Approach, the
value of an asset is determined by reference to the value of income, cash flow or cost savings generated by the asset.

Market Approach

The Market Approach provides an indication of value by comparing the asset with identical or comparable (that is similar) assets for which price information is available.

Cost Approach

The Cost Approach provides an indication of value using the economic principle that a buyer will pay no more for an asset than the cost to obtain an asset of equal utility, whether by purchase or by construction, unless undue time, inconvenience, risk or other factors are involved.

The approach provides an indication of value by calculating the current replacement or reproduction cost of an asset and  making deductions for physical deterioration and all other relevant forms of  obsolescence.

Business Valuation Methods


Business Valuation methods are

Discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis

Comparable company analysis

Precedent transactions analysis

This are the essential methods for determining the worth of a business. These techniques  consider factors:

to estimate the fair value of a company. By understanding these valuation methods, which helps to make informed investment decisions and negotiate favourable deals.

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