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Valuations for Disputes Settlements

At Valuation India, we understand how difficult it is to carry out valuations for dispute settlements. Every dispute is distinct, and therefore, it requires a team of experts to deal with legal, administrative and technical complexities involved in every dispute type, and its settlement. Our team of experts at Valuation Indiapossesses an in-depth understanding of all the elements involved in a dispute settlement. We help you carry out valuations, and stand the scrutiny of the opposing party.

Over the years, we’ve handled a lot of dispute settlement valuation cases for a variety of business domains, and continue to deliver excellence through our compliant services.

We deal with a wide range of dispute settlements cases, including the following.

  • Business and contractual disputes, such as enterprise valuations, diminution of value claims, purchase price disputes, shareholder conflicts, and damage calculations
  • Insurance claims on both business and asset values
  • Marriage dissolutions
  • Tax-related conflict and many others.