Startup valuation is a comprehensive assessment of your business. It aims to help you evaluate the health of your business, financial condition, competitive position and provide insights into a range of other critical factors. In other and somewhat simpler words, it enables you to know more about your company and helps you become a more informed businessperson. Accordingly, let us look at a few benefits of startup valuation.

Why is Startup Valuation Significant?

While a comprehensive startup valuation results in several tangible and intangible benefits, let us discuss a few of the most common and crucial ones that prove vital in helping startups survive and sustain.

1. A Comprehensive Health Checkup

A comprehensive business health checkup enables you to compute your existing position and helps you get a probable picture of the future of your startup. It considers a range of factors that include your business’s existing position, your objectives, the position of direct and indirect competition, the market situation, your preparedness for uncertainties, and many others to ensure you know what’s there right now, and perhaps, what the future holds for you.

Such a startup valuation empowers you with a better understanding of the overall situation. It puts you in a better position to devise strategies that help you counter competition and uncertainties and tap opportunities successfully.

2. Risk Control

Startup valuation is an opportunity to assess a startup’s risk profile. That’s because it is less about the value while you own it and more about the value when you would want to sell it.

Often, what are considered to be assets by businesspersons form risks for investors. This happens in the case of long-running clients. While startup owners consider them critical to their profits and reputation, investors look at the loss of such clients as a significant risk and a dent to the company’s profits, business, and existence in its entirety. Accordingly, multiple income sources are looked upon as an advantage.

3. Assess the Competitive Value of the Business

Where does your business stand when it comes to present and future competition? What is it that the startup will have to do to sustain, especially given technology changes, uncertainties, and the emergence of competitors in the time to come? All these and the answers to many such questions are answered through startup valuation. It enables you to assess the competitive value of your business and thus helps you prepare and compete better.

4. Investor Access

Investors are critical for startups but the most difficult ones to get! Most investors refrain from investing in startups, as the owners do not have a clear picture of the company’s value. In situations like these, even an excellent business idea may not get the investment it deserves. To avoid it and gain access to investors, you must evaluate your startup through a reputed startup valuation company in India.

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