Valuation of Startups

Startup valuation methods aim at helping startup business owners compute the value of their company. As startups do not have much of a figure muscle to leverage, startup valuation techniques help them calculate the value of their business to attract investors, make vital business projections, etc. If you are a startup owner looking forward to

Valuation Challenges for Startups in Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technologies across the tech world. AI-based devices evolve with time, and experience to replicate human intellect. Robotics, on the other hand, aims at automating repetitive activities to increase operational bandwidth and allowing the workforce with the time and energy to think about the more productive aspects of the

Terminology Used In Equity Investments

Sample of Term Sheet:   Term Sheet – Basic summary of terms and conditions of investments before due diligence by investor and signing of SHA/SSA(Final Agreements.) SHA/SSA – Share Holders Agreement – For understanding between shareholders /Share Subscription Agreement.agreement to subscribe to the capital. Also called as definitive agreements. Cap Table – Effective Capital

Compulsory Convertible Debenture

What is a Compulsory Convertible Debenture? A compulsory convertible debenture (CCD) is a kind of bond that has to be converted into a stock by a specified date. Technically, CCD is termed hybrid security, as it isn’t wholly a stock or a bond either. A debenture is a medium to long term security that a