5 Benefits to Startups Under the Income Tax Act

The thousands of startups that have been registered under India’s Startup Movement have made startups an integral and vital part of the country’s economy. A lot of these startups have been tremendously successful. As a result, the government continues to encourage startups through several schemes and waivers that help them survive and succeed. One of

When is the Need for Valuation of Shares?

Valuation of stock or a valuation of shares enables you to determine the fair value of the stock or shares of a particular company. Periodic valuation of shares and valuation in a few situations is necessary from multiple viewpoints such as security, sale, and purchase of shares, etc. This article from Valuation India, the leading

leading valuation firm in india

Valuation India – One of the Leading Valuation Firms in India Company valuation helps you compute the company’s worth, get a better understanding of the company’s assets, know the true value of the company, and get access to more investors. But since given the complexities and the range of elements involved in the company valuation

Valuation of Startups

Startup valuation methods aim at helping startup business owners compute the value of their company. As startups do not have much of a figure muscle to leverage, startup valuation techniques help them calculate the value of their business to attract investors, make vital business projections, etc. If you are a startup owner looking forward to